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Criminal lawIf you are looking for a Criminal Law Pdf, here are some places to start. Learn more about the Criminal Law Pdf by visiting our website. From there, use the tabs at the top of your browser to find related Criminal Laws in different states or countries. For example, if you are looking for Criminal Law in California pdf file then click on " West Coast" tab at top of your browser or click on "United States." Precisely what you need is waiting for you! Get your criminal law today!Psa Pillai's book provides all the necessary information for students who have an interest in learning about criminal law in general and emphasizing mainly on its international dimension. It is a must-read for students of criminal law who are preparing for the bar exam or need a refresher.Para 3 Sentence: "In criminal law, the burden of proving guilt rests with the prosecution, which means that they must prove their case against an accused beyond reasonable doubt. In this article I shall be focusing on the burden of proof in its legal implications because this article will be helping to study criminal law along with other branches of law, which includes evidence and constitutional jurisdiction."Paragraph 1: "The concept of burden of proof in criminal proceedings is determined by English common law. In the United States the burden of proof is placed on the prosecution. In other words, it means that in a criminal trial, if a person is to be charged with a crime then it is up to the prosecution to prove guilt beyond reasonable doubt"Paragraph 2: "In this article I shall take a brief look at how in England, until recently at least, there was no burden of proof in criminal cases. The burden of proof in a criminal trial was not attached until 1875. As you can see from the preceding paragraphs, until 1875 there were no rules for determining when and what weight should be given to evidence in court proceedings. This absence of rules for determining burden of proof in criminal cases meant that the burden of proof rested on the prosecution. If the defence wanted, they could produce any evidence or put forward any evidence at all to support any points they wished to raise. This meant that it was very easy for the prosecution to prove their case against an accused because it was entirely up to them."Paragraph 3: "I shall now describe how, after 1875, burden of proof was introduced in England. The introduction of this concept in England created great difficulties. However, the courts themselves were used to the concept of burden of proof. Hence it was natural for them to act in accordance with it. A statute of 1833 required prosecutors to hand over any unused evidence before the trial took place. This meant that this evidence could not be used in court unless ordered by the magistrate."Paragraph 4: "There are two kinds of burden of proof - criminal and civil law. The burden of proof in criminal law is on the prosecution."An authority on criminal law, Psa Pillai is greatly acknowledged for his contribution towards the field of law.


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